About Us

Forget all the patches, the gums and all the other gimmick substitutes in the fight to reduce the number of smokers in New Zealand.

Stop Smoking Now, a Christchurch based initiative is fast gathering momentum within media networks in leading its crusade of helping 100,000 smokers kick the habit – for good, by 31 Dec 2010. In addition, its BIG challenge is in raising $479,000 of your money in sponsorship funding towards a NZ Registered Charity Research Foundation in the same time period.

No substitutes here, just real behaviour and attitude change towards people’s association with smoking.

There are several New Zealand Government-sponsored bodies tackling head-on the ‘Silent Killer’ called nicotine in our Society today. But remember – the reported result of 21% by The Quit Line recently in smoking cessation success also clearly highlights a 79% real opportunity for improvement in our collective effort and resources. This effort is not about individualism; rather it should be about group collectivism, people working together in the quest for rapid mass transformational change.

Stop Smoking Now, is offering everyone this choice right now, NOT simply ‘To give it a try’, but to actually STOP Smoking without the gimmicks. Stop Smoking Now says;

NO – to free patches
NO – to free cigarette enticements
NO – to extended telephone and text support
NO – to hopefully quitting with all the pain and frustration …… and hardship …… before defeat

YES – to Making the Decision RIGHT NOW to STOP SMOKING NOW

Stop Smoking Now has just introduced a radically new concept to market in the way that;
It combines the immense power of the Internet and national media communications to reach its mass audience very rapidly to maximise its goal objectives.

It offers immediate access to its product technology via download, which is also really great value for money.

It is backed by a completely risk-free 100% product user satisfaction guarantee.

10% of all revenue generated goes directly to a Research Foundation as Sponsorship.

This product works very – very FAST, it’s EFFECTIVE and it’s LONG-LASTING.

These are the 3 steps involved:

  1. Make the decision to Stop Smoking Now.
  2. Take action (by downloading the professionally recorded digital MP3 audio) from www.stopsmokingnow.co.nz
  3. Then begin to witness the immediate profound benefits for yourself.

Check out – http://www.stopsmokingnow.co.nz and support a worthy cause – That’s YOURSELF …. and also a NZ Registered Charity Research Foundation.


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